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“CHIMES is gonna be the best alternative EP ever to be released in Romania”

I interviewed Nebulosa 3 months ago. I was about to have pasta in my apartment and they were split in 3 countries. USA (NOAMME), Denmark (Vladimir), Romania (GUF). Today they released on the web their first EP Chimes. And this discussion is all about music, food and stuff they do. With them 3.

Download CHIMES here: http://www.nebulosaband.com/


Gotta tell you man, I've read some Oasis interviews and I'm in a very funny and “fuck it” mood, hope you're not too grumpy for MAN.
A little bit of background. These bastards in Romania got nothing on you. Let's illuminate them. Where do you come from, what bands have you played in and how you got all together etc.?
One more thing. Is it like your first interview?
historical interview with the best band in Romania and the most talented one in the band. Well, nebulosa kinda started before the guys were in the band. before I even knew them.
I just wanted to make a pop band so i coould rip off the stone rose and the smiths to the max
is it pop what you guys are playing?
well no. it kinda switched to something else
after he realized we couldn't cover any stone roses songs, that dream faded away
NOAMME came with the dreamy voice, vladimir with the hard drums
ok, Vladimir, while you're enjoying mamaliga...tell me about your past project. The Vlads, is it?
the Vlads was to be the Kings of Leon of Europe. happy those who witnessed our only (and epic!) show.
what happened? they have a show in Bucharest these days, I've heard
Same vocal, different gang. I think it's more clean cut pop rock now. I happened to be the only Vlad in that band by the way, and I was the last to join
NOAMME, you were wandering Electromagnetica rehearsing space with Izmail at some point. What were you doing exactly in there?
yeah. wow, that was a while ago
scoring some
Ismail invited me to jam one day, and we ended up playing together for a month or two
scoring musiiiiccc!
are there any recordings anywhere?
I think there are.But I'm not sure exactly where they are, you're gonna have to do some journalistic digging for that
You guys had a name like Strap on Sandra or sth?
No, strap on sandra was before me. We were called The Simian Squad


NOAMME, How does it feel to be a girl singer in a band? Who gets all the girls?
It was interesting. bands in bucharest are mainly male dominated. I felt like I had my special feminine power over everyone. And Vladi definitely got all the chicks
yeah, she makes amazing cupcakes!
and Gufy ...nada? that doesn't surprise me
yeah, i got all the chicks from the gopo interview. It’s ok
random chicks would come up to me and ask "wow so who's your drummer, is he single?" I feel like I could have started my own dating service with him.
so, was there anyone trying to pick you up after a gig?
Oh. Not that I recall.
mostly her dad to take her home
hey my dad is awesome!
ha,How come you never wrote an indie Yiddish rock'n’roll song?
I don't speak Yiddish
hebrew that is
yes. me and Gufi prefer to call it "salami language". it just sounds "salah, salam shalom shazam"
plus, we wouldn't know if she would make lyrics or just random hissing noises
I think it would have been interesting
maybe for her dad and her sisters
Gufi, it would be "hadash, hadash, hadash"
but that's just a fancy advice from an old master to his worshipers


so...you are about to release this EP called Chimes. Explain that title to MAN, please
we've got some bells at some point and that’s that
You have a song called Grizzly Bear, which I know it's a big influence in your band. Tell me more about it, how did it came out?
I really hated that song in the beginning actually
haha yeah
it took a lot of convincing to make it work
that song is like Frankenstein. it's like a pieced up monster that somehow WORKS
i don’t think we're that influenced by grizzly bear though. maybe in "weirdness" and long named chords, that always helps to make it sound like a grizzly bear. and also the Memory Man helps a lot. u gotta have D#SuusM3b7 for that
yeah, its pretty fucked up in terms of structure but most of the songs are like that, except for Planets
you know what, my only connection to grizzly bear is that i wrote my bachelor degree on them. other than that, i didn't even know Grizzly Bear the band existed when the guys told me about it (while i was wearing my Foo Fighters shirt must I say)
You've waited a long time to upload your songs on iTunes. Exactly, how much do you expect to earn after this Ep?
i'm guessing around 10 euros
in 10 years
from 10 people
I've heard NOAMME has some American friends willing to pay the big buck
enough money to take the guys out in control when they come back
wait 10 euros each? whoo we're rich
yeah, we'll get us some drinks from the revenue when I come back from this 21+ hell


Do you ever plan a come back concert? Maybe playing somewhere in Europe?
I'd like that. In January both me and Vladi are coming back to Bucharest for a bit
i think NOAMME wants to play with Belle and Sebastion right know. yeah, we might play a show in January
no, they want to play with me!
I know from an insider that you had a lot of arguments on the pics to figure on the album sleeve, the digital one right. Is image that important to you?
On my part, it wasn't so much "image" as picture quality.
yeah, i guess that was the main problem
yeah she thought about all our poor thousands of fans who are just aching for a huge poster
and we're giving them poor pixels to make em
fuck off
You’re forgeting about posterity my friend
posterity is forgetting about me
hey pixels are important!
this pic will be on the "Dictionar Pop Rock", edition 2040
poster and posterity are important
going back to making music, as great as yours,
How long does it take for a Nebulosa song to be finished?
I think we're pretty straight forward
about the time it takes me to eat a banana at practice
(rehearsals, i meant)
MAN, you have no idea how many bananas he ate...
yeah, this could mean a lot of time considering the banana eating rate
Vladimir, every time I go away from Bucharest, from the band, I tend to look at it more objectively, with an open mind and ear. How does it feel back there dude? Plans on starting a black metal band?
so far i have grown my hair to my waist and purchased the following: a raven named Leif, an axe and some marsh mellows. I'm on my way. ok...if you want me to be a little emo about it, YES i miss playing music
me too! its hard not to make music with other people.
NOAMME, once you told me you want to continue doing more hardcore electro in Chicago. How's that going up to date?
Yesterday, I built a microphone.
Dan, a former member of Nebulosa is also there...didn't get to jam with him?
yeah, I'm hanging out with Dan a lot. He just got this banjo.
you built it at school right? what exactly do you study?
Right now I'm in the sound department. It’s not music – it’s just sound. lots of analogue work, mixing, creating sounds, and recording.


so, since you've departed, any new songs for Nebulosa?
We're not gonna continue writing when all three of us are in different countries. this isn't an online project
that's weird. I thought distance and loneliness is some sort of inspiration for artists
not for us
the time difference is pretty depressing
a good breakfast is inspiration
the band was also about the fun we had at practice
distance and loneliness. that just makes people sad, Man
i gotta tell everyone that Chimes is gonna be the best alternative EP ever to be released in Romania
scratch "alternative." BEST EP, PERIOD.
It’s fucking genious man. thing is god gave us a lot of talent. especially me. we made these songs, especially me and that’s that and they’re awesome
haha, does he want to be in that pop rock dictionary or what?!

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Marius de la The Moood: “E ceva care-mi spune ca sigur o sa fac sex cu Kirsten Dunst”

Marius, zis si Gopo, e vocalul de la The Moood. Niciodata nu-mi dau seama cand face misto de mine, si nici n-o sa aflu prea curand, ca e alunecos in limbaj tipul. Altfel, a fost o discutie pe teme de interes national, cum ar fi sexul cu Kirsten Dunst, gagicutzele din sala de biblioteca si primul album The Moood.

Marius Gopo: ia zi man, facem interviul?

MAN: dude, acum nu am intrebarile facute

Marius Gopo: pai mergi pe cliseu, e foarte bine

Ce %*&#@ e ala indie?

MAN: Mai sunteti indie? Stiu ca aveam o discutie acum vreo 2 ani, cine e indie, cine nu

………………………………………..(pauza vreo 2 minute)

MAN: cat te gandesti? spontan, pac

Marius Gopo: scuze man, imi place sa fiu spontan, doar ca sunase telefonul

MAN: cine era, managerul de la Killers?

Marius Gopo: din pacate nu, ala cred ca va suna in 2011

Marius Gopo: pai man, discutia despre indie, acum o vad altfel, mult mai moderat. daca m-ai fi intrebat acum vreo 3 ani, eram foarte vehement si spuneam nu suntem indie si incepeam etc

Marius Gopo: acum iti spun doar ca nu suntem indie si atat

MAN: Si ce inseamna sa nu fii indie?

Marius Gopo: pai nu stiu, cu toti ne gandim la stilul ala britt etc aparut in forta prin anii 2003-2004

Marius Gopo: ca daca e sa ne gandfim la termenul de indie, aparut la inceputul anilor 80' suntem

MAN: si acum cum sunteti?

Marius Gopo: mai nou cand ne intreaba cineva ce cantam, spunem rock&roll

MAN: aa, m-am lamurit, e mai curat cumva termenul. Creca’ e intoxicata lumea de atata indie invasion si rahat

MAN: Stiu ca ati cantat in deschidere la Lenny Kravitz, dar nu stiu cum sa formulez o intrebare plecand de la asta

Marius Gopo: chiar ieri vorbeam la sala

MAN: Ai apucat sa vorbesti cu el? I-ai dat un cd ceva?

Marius Gopo: si ne gandeam ca s-a intamplat prea repede, ca am fost prea indiferenti si nu l-am bagat in seama, pentru ca nu am vrut. acum sincer, cam regretam. nici la bestfest nu prea am bagat in seama pe nimeni si acum regretam

MAN: de ce???

Marius Gopo: de terminati, dar sper sa mai avem ocazii

Strategia lui Gopo: Ca sa ajungi sa faci sex cu Keira Knightley, trebuie sa treci putin prin Kirsten Dunst

MAN: De ce esti mai mereu pesimist in ce priveste trupa? Nu ti-a zis MAN ca se va intampla LUCRUL pana la urma?

Marius Gopo: sincer nu stiu de ce sunt atat de pessimist si ma bucur man ca tu esti optimist. fii si pentru mine

MAN: pai, eu sunt pentru mai multi, pentru aia in care cred. acum de exemplu ce stare ai??

Marius Gopo: pai nu stiu...letargica, ma bucur ca vom avea ceva concerte luna asta si prin tara in conditii bune

Marius Gopo: si ma mai bucur ca in sfarsit ne dau astia la radio, ne dau o piesa inregistrata in 2008

Marius Gopo: si apropo de Lenny, ne mai gandeam ca a venit prea repede concertul ala si aici ma refer la pregatirea noastra. eram la inceput si cred ca am progresat enorm

Marius Gopo: era misto daca se intampla acum, dar vorba ta, trebuie sa fim optimisti. din pacate man nu mai e mult. Imbatranim, alta chestie care ma oftica si imi ia din optimism

Marius Gopo: man ma uitam la toate trupele astea care ies acum, ma uit la varsta, 22-23 maxim

MAN: cati ani ai?

Marius Gopo: 26

MAN: nu cred ca are legatura cu varsta

MAN: stai ca trebuie sa dau putina viata acestui interviu genial

MAN: trebuie sa tragi putin aer in piept, sa te gandesti la momentele alea tari cand se intampla shitul pe scena, si e public si se canta

MAN: si ala iti da sigur boostul de care ai nevoie, sa nu mai fii asa down

Marius Gopo: da man ai dreptate

MAN: da, normal ca sunt mai tinere. probabil daca ieseati si voi cu primul concert in UK va stia lumea tot de la 23 de ani

MAN: e un delay, se pierd cativa ani, dar cred ca daca e ceva tare iese la suprafata pana la urma

MAN: asa cum citesc in UNCUT de ex. despre trupe din Africa sau din Italia, asa o sa citim si despre The Moood la un moment dat

MAN: doar ca, epicentrul muzical e undeva mai in Vest, iar grosso modo, ce iese ni zona aia, cred ca poate fi numit lejer underground, chit ca trupa e No.1 in Germania sau in Cehia, sau pOrtugalia

Marius Gopo: exact la asta ma gandeam si eu ieri, cate foarmatii bune si pline de talent sunt in lumea asta si putine ajung mari, pt ca s-au nascut unde s-au nascut

Marius Gopo: poate intr-o zi se va intampla. si ce e ciudat, chiar daca sunt foarte pesimist

Marius Gopo: e ceva care imi spune ca sigur o sa fac sex cu Kirsten Dunst

MAN: pai… tot o trageai ca esti fidel si ca nu faci sex nici la Chisinau nici la Cluj, nicaieri practic

Marius Gopo: man, chiar asa e. dar Kirsten Dunst e un fel de reper

MAN: e semn ca trupa merge

Marius Gopo: sau semn ca unul dintre prietenii tai cu trupa a ajuns mare de exemplu

Marius Gopo: cand o sa ajungi mare, promiti ca ma suni sa mi-o dai la telefon?

MAN: cred ca e baba acum, dar in fine

Marius Gopo: nu, are 28

MAN: acuma, serios, uite si tu, penntru asta vrei sa ajungi mare??

MAN: http://www.faracuvinte.com/albums/userpics/no-makeup-kirsten-dunst-400a050307.jpg

MAN: am eu cateva amice pitipoance care voiau sa intre in vorba cu tine si nu au reusit. ce vrei sa le transmit?

Marius Gopo: man e si o strategie. doar dupa ce fac sex cu ea pot ajunge la Keira Knightley

MAN: banditule!

Despre basarabeni, droguri si jobul in publicitate

MAN: hai ca am epuizat sexul. vorbim putin despre droguri?

Marius Gopo: vorbim, dar sa nu razi de mine. eu nu beau alcoool, nu am fumat in viata mea iarba, deci nu prea le am

MAN: imi zicea un amic ca ne trebuie mai mult exces , ca trupeti si tind sa-i dau cumva dreptate. din excese uneori ies chestii bune

Marius Gopo: si eu cred asta, dar nu in senusul drogurilor etc

Marius Gopo: ci exces de tinerete, adica mai multe iesiri, turnee, nopti nedormite, multe gagicute

Marius Gopo: dar si aici nu pot sa fac nimic. sunt prins de 3 ani aproape

MAN: pai trebuie sa rezolvi cumva situatia. la final iti dau niste ID-uri de mess destepte

MAN: brb, merg pana la buda. cand ma intorc sa gasesc o data de lansare a albumului vostru scrisa aici

MAN: Se ofilesc piesele in vaza, omule, nu zici?

Marius Gopo: ma oftica faptul ca nu stim exact cand vom scoate album. noi nu prea avem joburi, ceea ce nu e f. rau. dar in acelasi timp nu avem nici bani. din concerte stii si tu

Marius Gopo: dar,,,parca am inceput sa castigam mai bine si oamenii acum ne cam ofera cat vrem si asta datorita oamenilor care vin la concert si carora le multumim

Marius Gopo: deci poate anul asta putem strange niste bani si la toamna sau maxim in primvara sa iasa. dar pana la urma trebuie

MAN: Stiu ca ai incercat sa te angajezi la un moment dat intr-o agentie de publicitate. Ce n-a mers?

Marius Gopo: nu stiu n-a mers. nu cred ca mi-a placut. oamenii au fost foarte ok cu mine. Andrei Tripsa m-a sprijint foarte mult la fel si Dan Amariei

MAN: normal, daca le cantai pe acolo toata ziua in brainstorminguri

MAN: Hai sa revenim la banda. Cum e sa ai un basarabean in trupa? Basarabenii mi se par cei mai seriosi oameni, muzical vorbind.

Marius Gopo: sa stii. au talent. pai cand am cantat acolo, dupa atmosfera creata, care, stii si tu cum a fost, eram foarte mandri ca Mircea e de acolo

MAN: el compune, am inteles, majoritatea pieselor?

Marius Gopo: da, de la el vin majoritatea ideilor si apoi lucram toti

MAN: tare. si eu am marele respect pentru moldoveni.

Marius Gopo: man si eu. din pacate nu prea traiesc f. ok. dar poate din simplitatea asta inrudita cu neajunsul se naste telentul asta

MAN: da, cu toate astea la muzica sunt peste noi, asa cum echipa Romaniei de gimnastica da ceata la mondiale, antrenandu-se pe saltele de ciment

Marius Gopo: da. si publicul face atmosfera aia incredibila din cauza foamei de evenimente. in Bucuresti...e misto dar nu e vibe-ul ala

MAN: da, in Bucuresti i-am si asaltat pe oameni cu o groaza de concerte, e normal cumva sa fie mai plictiseala aici

Marius Gopo: apropos. cum e in Iasi? mergem pt prima data

MAN: e perfect. e ca la Chisinau cumva. they'll eat you alive

Marius Gopo: ti-a placut nu?

MAN: la greu. nu stiu sa fi mers pe undeva prin tara si nu-mi placa, e super ok, avem o tara frumoasa

Marius Gopo: sa stii. stii unde nu mi-a placut? dar mai mult din cauza organizatorilor. la Sibiu

MAN: si ultima intrebare. Daca ar fi sa bati pe cineva de la noi din trupa, care ar fi ala?

Marius Gopo: dificila intrebare. l-as bate pe Goofy sa-mi zica secretul lui cu "pasarile"

MAN: el zice ca e de la chitara lui cea noua

Marius Gopo: el e modest

MAN: deci n-ai nicio sansa sa-l egalezi

Marius Gopo: sunt convins. asta pentru ca l-am intrecut deja. glumeam. sunt sigur ca Goofy e nr. 1

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Paul de la Kumm, Hot Casandra si altele: “Bai, cand va muare tobaru, fiti atenti un pic aici”

Pe Paul Ballo il stiu de acum vreo 2 ani? Ne-am intalnit pe o straduta ingusta pe la Unirii, avea o gluga imblanita in cap si o ardea la fel de skater ca acum. Intre timp, omul si-a lasat barba de eskimos, s-a dat cu rollercoasterul prin cateva trupe de la noi si acum s-a apucat si de muzica pe midi controller. A fost o conversatie naspa, dar e de inteles, omul e tobar la origine:) Du-te ba d’acilishea!

Wasquehal by Hot Casandra

MAN: ce faci ba, esti busy?

Paul Ballo: zi asa. p-acasa

MAN: ba. am dat drumu' la un blog de interviuri

MAN: si voiam sa te abordez. cand ai timp/kef

Paul Ballo: interviurile lui man

Paul Ballo: !!!

Paul Ballo: da ma, hai, dam acu?

Paul Ballo: s-a dat

MAN: nu am intrebari facute, dar dam asa la liber

MAN: hai start

MAN: intrebarea nr. 1: Ce ai ma cu presa de specialitate din Romania?

Paul Ballo: alea gen pop corn si seminte?

MAN: nu, asa in general. asta care mai scrie si despre tine de exemplu

MAN: inclusiv site-uri si bloguri

Paul Ballo: a

MAN: stiu ca te tot iei in gura cu ei

Paul Ballo: mi-ar placea mai degraba sa apar mai mult in revistele care nu sunt neaparat de specialitate. doar ca aparitie

Paul Ballo: au intrebari mai relevante decat astia care fac in fiecare zi recenzii la nopti

MAN: pai unde, in EVZ? sa te intrebe pt. a 100 oara ce inseamna "indie"?

Paul Ballo: nu. sa ma intrebe de ce hot casandra si de ce nu mai bag la amsterdams si go to strehaia

Paul Ballo: intrebari reciclate

MAN: stai ca te intreaba Man acush

Hot Casandra e el

MAN: hai ca stiu ca te-ai plictisit de cantat la chitara, asa ca zi cu Hot Cassandra

MAN: e si Matei pe felie, din ce mi-a zis

Paul Ballo: hot casandra

Paul Ballo: cu un singur S, da? ramane solo

MAN: asa

MAN: a iesit si hitul 2?

Paul Ballo: si inca nu stiu exact directia pe care o va lua. probabil ca nu atat de ambientala precum "chroma"

Paul Ballo: sunt pe vine

Paul Ballo: trebuie doar sa aleg 6 din 49 pentru un EP

MAN: pe ce le compuneti?

Paul Ballo: cu matei este separat

Paul Ballo: alt proiect care il include si pe Vania, de fapt..OK Corral?!

MAN: aa, ok, cunosc pe domnu' Vania. frumos

MAN: deci Casandra e o singura doamna, tu adica

Paul Ballo: piesa 2 poate se va numi Tanga. nu stiu inca. o mai las in stand by

Paul Ballo: dar arunc cu imaginea in ei sa se socheze pentru al 2-lea hit

Paul Ballo: exista o poza frumoasa cu casandra si animalul ei de casa

MAN: french bulldog?

Paul Ballo: secret

MAN: pana acum, stiu un singur om caruia nu-i place Chroma, da nu-ti zic cine e, dar am dat la cativa sa asculte

Paul Ballo: adica tie?

MAN: in fine, asta era asa ca sa schimb subiectu'

MAN: nu ma, esti bou, ti-am zis ca-mi place

Paul Ballo: pt toti cei care nu ma lasa sa speeeeer

Paul Ballo: asta era asa ca iti arat ca poate o dau in RJD2

MAN: chill man, se stiu ei care sunt

Quiz: Cine sforaie cel mai tare de la Kumm?

MAN: asa, ce sa te mai intreb, sa fie interesant?

MAN: mai zi cu Kumm. cine sforaie de nu te lasa sa dormi in turneu?

MAN: daca ai voie acum… sa spui

Paul Ballo: aualeu. bai sa nu pui asta da? te rog mult

MAN: okok

Paul Ballo: ca dupa aia poate ma lasa

Paul Ballo: mai nou sforai si eu si ei zic, uite cine...sforaia

Paul Ballo: e groaznic ma.

Paul Ballo: nu mai support. dar am bani

MAN: te-ai acomodat cu oamenii, ati apucat sa lucrati shit impreuna?

Paul Ballo: da stii ma de ce nu pot sa dorm? ca am 10 concerte pe zi

Paul Ballo: a venit si alex acum...alex-miu de la Go To Berlin

Paul Ballo: ne intelegem la muzici a spoturi publicitare si la femei

MAN: e nasol sa ai multe giguri sau ce?

Paul Ballo: doar asta fac

Paul Ballo: bani , si sex ma, rog

MAN: aha

Paul Ballo: la brasov si suceava

MAN: deci placere pula

Paul Ballo: sex sex sex the number of the fist

Paul, tobarul de la Keane si Boy Kill Boy

MAN: ba, si cum vezi treaba? te mai vezi mult in ro.?

MAN: ca vorbeam la un moment dat ca aici e cam moarta treaba pe muzica

MAN: si ca shitul se intampla pe alta strada, cu alti baieti

Paul Ballo: bai ma plictisesti

Paul Ballo: nu,glumesc

Paul Ballo: stai asa. nu glumesc. cu primii bani multi. puhoi asa sau purcoi, nushtiu cum se zice

Paul Ballo: vreau sa ma car, cel putin vreo 2 luni

MAN: si eu ma gandeam la un moment dat sa caut o trupa in afara daca simt ca s-a infundat

Paul Ballo: sa stau printre ei. sa simt ca vorba aia, cant

Paul Ballo: io am inceput sa dau mesaje pe myspace pe la boy kill boy si keane

Paul Ballo: "bai, cand va muare tobaru, fiti atenti un pic aici"

MAN: aha, da ce trupe ti-ai ales si tu. slab, man

Too many Djs

MAN: stai ca nu mai am inspiratie. mai intreaba-ma tu

Paul Ballo: ce mai faci?

MAN: reclame

Paul Ballo: man pai toata treaba cu muzica merge slab, ce vrei sa zic

Paul Ballo: ma apuc de mixat. de house si de dnb

Paul Ballo: macar sa-mi rup singur urechile

MAN: ba, apropo, maine pun muzica in Control. sa vii

Paul Ballo: in fata la 500 de oameni. asa imi crapa fusu in cap

Paul Ballo: stiu. si io ma pregatesc de dj setu viitor. o sa bagam mai disco asa. mai remixat

MAN: ba, deci inkidem interviul ca ma deprimi

Paul Ballo: nu te deprim ma. lucram pe aici

MAN: mi-e dor de taica-tu, cand i-am dat la Garana Jazz puloverul meu de MGMT

Paul Ballo: taikmiu e bine, la concerte cu Peter Gabriel in fiecare luna si Bob Dylan

MAN: a, ba , ce nu te-am intrebat

MAN: go to berlin mai canta?

Paul Ballo: este un stand by despre care nu stiu muulte

Paul Ballo: dar stiu sigur ca trebuie sa luam banii pe cd-urile vandute in intreaga lume

Paul Ballo: si mai ales alea din japonia. format fizic, mp3. netul merge bine bine! si posta sper ca la fel

Paul Ballo: iti trimit in premiera o poza cu domnia mea pe care desigur poti sa o publici

chiar pe blog

You have received 1 photo from Paul Ballo. Paul_websize.jpg

MAN: Alien?

Paul Ballo: ellen